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Expired MPRG Domain Password
  1. On a Windows machine, start the Remote Desktop Connection application (usually under the Accessories folder in the Start Menu).
  2. Type as the remote computer's address.
  3. Don't worry about any additional options and just click Connect.
  4. If you receive a message stating that the remote computer cannot be verified, don't worry about this and simply select Yes.
  5. Now, type your username and the expired password into the appropriate fields.
  6. Furthermore, click on the button Options >> and make sure that you have selected to log on to MPRG.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Now, you should receive a message stating that your password is expired and that it needs to be changed.
  9. Go ahead and change your password by filling in the appropriate fields in the form that follows.
  10. After completing the form with an acceptable password, you should once again be able to access MPRG domain network files, folders, and printers.

 Last updated Wed, Sep 17 2014 4:51pm

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